Why Us?

Need a reason to make a switch through our services? Here’s why. UGOCHRIST ENERGY is dedicated to providing more than just real value for your energy.  We have been a leading broker of unsurpassed electricity and natural gas energy services for homes and residences for decades. We have the capacity and an experienced team of energy consultants who oversee every process to ensure your energy needs are seamlessly met at competitive rates. You have energy needs for your home or business? Talk to us today and let us help you make the switch.

  • More flexibility and saving

UGOCHRIST ENERGY gives you control over your energy bills, something which is hard to come by in the utility industry. As a leader in energy brokerage, we offer electricity and natural gas prices that are highly competitive and flexible. We have an experienced team of energy consultants who can perform audits, make recommendations and installations towards a solution that is more efficient for homes and allow businesses to focus more on profit generation.

  • Expedited switches and services

When you choose to switch, your new supplier will not keep you waiting once the switch has been approved by your utility company. We understand the importance of having a seamless business operation thus would not compromise your business’ reputation in service delivery. Equally, energy is important for every single home. All special requests are attended to with immediate effect. We keep our promise of helping you find quality and efficient energy solutions for your home or business.

  • Real time market updates

We understand how volatile the markets can be. As such, it is important that every customer be informed about the trends in the marketplace so as to make more informed energy decisions. We therefore give you updates on a daily or weekly basis regarding the market trends. This is especially very useful to customers who want to fix prices of their natural gas supply. We offer our clients up to date electricity and gas price alerts based on their monthly consumption profile and contract expiry dates. 

  • No consequential penalties

Suppliers who work with UGOCHRIST ENERGY do not have monthly contractual quantity limits for clients. Therefore, no client will be penalized for overusing or underusing energy in contrary to what their monthly consumption profiles state.

  • Annual Savings Reports

You are free to request an annual consumption report from your supplier so as to see your yearly savings on energy consumption. We value our customers’ progress in energy consumption and therefore will help you in every step of the way to save even more.

  • Convenient Support

Our customers concerns are important to us. We are committed to ensuring a seamless energy supply to our customers and therefore any queries, requests or general customer support services are conveniently attended to by our experienced team. Simply submit your concerns to us and we will give you a satisfactory feedback in the shortest time possible. Alternatively, you can check our FAQs section for some of the most commonly asked questions and their answers. Use our Contact Us page to submit your queries and we will find you a solution.


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