UGOCHRIST ENERGY is a privately owned and independent energy brokerage and consultancy dedicated to helping consumers find affordable natural gas and electricity for their commercial or residential needs.

We are specialists in national procurement and management of natural gas and electricity. With the deregulation of energy markets by certain states, consumers have the power to make their own decisions regarding energy suppliers. But the market is flooded with so many suppliers who claim to be the best. This makes the process of finding a reputable supplier with affordable energy rates much difficult. In such a market, you need to ask yourself the following:

  • Which energy supplier do you go with?
  • What criteria do you use to make offer comparisons from various suppliers?
  • How do you put your energy costs under control?

Of course, working alone isn’t going to give you the best findings and determine the best approach of saving more.  That’s why we have a team of highly qualified consultants in the procurement field. By using the expertise of our energy consultants, you can greatly benefit when it comes to procurement of energy. We have thousands of loyal customers who rely on our consultancy services, plus hundreds of reputable energy supply firms to make your energy dealings more flexible and efficient.

Allow us to ensure that the prices you pay are the right prices available in the market, or even cheaper. We carry out all sorts of legworks for you and present our market findings in a more executive summary.

Why work with us?

More than 70 percent of commercial setups and homes rely on the services of energy consultancy firms to procure their energy. This is an indication that these consumers are already aware of the challenges brought about by deregulation. And since they do not have an in-house expertise to analyze the markets to find the best offerings, resolving to using energy consultants becomes their best alternative.

When making your energy purchases, you need comprehensive knowledge of the markets, experience, time and infrastructure to make a more informed purchase decision. It’s however much difficult to find businesses that have all these to enable them find good suppliers.

At UGOCHRIST ENERGY, we have the expertise and technology to make your energy procurement and management needs flawless. We have the following:

  • Market knowledge – Collecting information and analyzing it to understand the markets better is our specialty. Do you have a team that is fully committed to that? Even if so, keeping such a team in-house can be really costly for your business operation. UGOCHRIST ENERGY understands the markets better, know all those reputable energy suppliers and understand various offerings and their suitability to a particular consumer. We perform very many energy procurement transactions on a daily basis.
  • Expertise – We are certified electricity and natural gas professionals. We keep a team of highly qualified consultants who have worked with energy supplier firms for years and thus understand the market forces much better. Through our expert energy consultants, we carry out personalized research to come up with market findings. We do not relay generic information to advice you when making your energy purchase.
  • Technology – we employ the best of what technology has to offer to ensure that our clients get the best from their suppliers. We carry out real time tracking of consumer accounts and determine the best renewal strategies and rates as the market changes every minute so we can provide you with up to date alerts of the market. We send our clients’ price updates automatically when they hit their targets. We make it possible for you to access your account, load profile and analysis at any time. You will also receive regular updates via your email address.
  • Timing – Timing is everything when it comes to making energy purchases. Most consumers like our technology as it enables their energy saving strategies to run automatically and save more than 90 percent of total time it would have taken them to achieve without us. We handle the taxing market processes like monitoring the markets in real time, collecting information,  managing the bid processes, auditing consumer bills, negotiating energy contracts and attending to all consumer concerns.  This gives you and your time the time to focus on the most important strategies of growth while we handle the stress for you.

Need to find out more about what we can do for your business in terms of energy procurement and management? Talk to us today and let us show you the way forward.

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