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Kindly read these Terms & Conditions carefully before using any of the services provided on this site.

Miscellaneous Terms

  • By accessing and browsing this site, you agree to be bound by these Terms & Conditions. If you are not in agreement, kindly leave this site.
  • This site comprises of several different documents or webpages which were built and are maintained by UGOCHRIST ENERGY. Your use of the site allows you to make service orders or make payments online or transact business with UGOCHRIST ENERGY.
  • The services offered by us are offered on the basis that you have agreed to, without modifications, the Terms & Conditions in this document. Using this site or any other services we provide constitutes your adherence to these Terms & Conditions.
  • UGOCHRIST ENERGY reserves the right to amend this Terms & Conditions document without prior notice. As such, read this document periodically to stay updated with the effected changes. Continued use of the site whether informed or not about the changes will be assumed as your acceptance of the amendments made.
  • The terms “us”, “we”, “our”, “company” or “UGOCHRIST ENERGY” are purposely used for convenience of communication and solely refer to UGOCHRIST ENERGY.
  • We have availed information on this website for the sole purpose of providing information and general knowledge to our visitors. As such it does not constitute any advice to making investment decisions.

Information Warranty

UGOCHRIST ENERGY strives to ensure that this website and information contained therein are up to date and accurate at all times. However, we do not guarantee or warranty that there will be completely no errors of any kind in regard to reliability, accuracy, timeliness or completeness.  Every information provided is made available on the “As is” basis, void of any warranties or representation to accuracy.

Materials, presentations, links to sites and documents provided on this site under regulatory authorities of applicable jurisdictions are accurate as of the dates they were posted or otherwise when they were filed or used by us. Whatever is contained in such documents or materials may be outdated, and UGOCHRIST ENERGY is not mandated to make updates and disclaims all the duties of making the contents up to date.


This site and all materials contained are intellectual properties of UGOCHRIST and are protected by the trademark, copyright and any other applicable proprietary rights of UGOCHRIST ENERGY or relevant third parties. Logos and names, service names, slogans and design marks used are sole trademarks owned by UGOCHRIST ENERGY or their respective owners.

Reproducing, displaying or using any part or whole of the materials of this site, including service marks, logos and trademarks is highly restricted by UGOCHRIST ENERGY, unless prior permission is obtained in writing from us or any applicable third parties.

We hereby offer you a non-transferable and non-exclusive license to use all the materials contained in this website either by viewing or printing for non-commercial, personal or educational purposes within your organization only, but bound by the following terms:

  • Use should be non-commercial only.
  • All copies made must contain the relevant copyright or any proprietary notices as contained in original documents or material.
  • Described processes, products or technologies on this site may be subject to third party copyrights. As such, there is no license issued in regard to such intellectual properties.
  • Drawings, tables or images contained in this website are subject to copyright, thus should not be reproduced in any way without prior written permission from their respective owners.

This website and its contents shall not be reproduced or modified in any way without prior permission. Any other use other than as authorized shall attract UGOCHRIST ENERGY’s intervention. We reserve the right to command you to destroy, delete or remove any of the reproduced materials that is contrary and in UGOCHRIST ENERGY’s opinion is either derogatory, offensive or inappropriate.

Use of this site

  • Use of UGOCHRIST ENERGY is only permitted for purposes that are in line with the law. Use of this site in any unlawful manner such as issuing threats, or is obscene, defamatory, hateful or depicting racism is prohibited. Use of this site or its contents for purposes that can contribute to criminal offense or violate any laws, or otherwise infringe any of the applicable copyrights is prohibited as well.
  • Any information apart from personal, non-proprietary or non-confidential information that is communicated or submitted to us via this website or any other channel can be used UGOCHRIST ENERGY by either incorporation or distribution for non-commercial or commercial purposes without giving you compensation.  UGOCHRIST ENERGY is not obligated in any way whatsoever to post or use such information and reserves the right to remove any of such information posted at any time.  All personal information submitted to us through our site or any other channel is protected by our Privacy Policy statement.
  • UGOCHRIST ENERGY at any time may make software available on this software that can be downloaded for use by our customers. Any such software, whenever available, is protected by the copyright laws and license agreements that accompany them.


  • This site only provides general information intended for general knowledge regarding services provided by UGOCHRIST ENERGY. As such, it may have errors, inaccuracies or omissions. UGOCHRIST ENERGY has no liability regarding such errors, inaccuracies or omissions that may be available. Contents of this site are for general information purpose and should not be used as advice for personal or commercial matters. You are advised to make consultations with relevant professionals for advice regarding your specific needs.
  • Users of this site and the internet in general shall hold all responsibilities for risks and losses incurred as a result of using information on this site that was erroneous, incomplete or inaccurate. UGOCHRIST ENERGY does NOT provide warranties on accuracy of all information provided in this site.
  • Under no circumstance shall UGOCHRIST ENERGY be held liable for consequential, punitive or indirect damages or any other damage whatsoever that occurs as a result of negligence, infringement or any other tort claim in connection with the reliance or use of this site or the internet as a whole.

 Links and References to Third Party Websites

  • This site may have references to other third party sites, companies, organizations, entities, services or products. Such links or references do not suggest any recommendation or endorsement of such sites, companies, products, services or organizations by UGOCHRIST ENERGY. The links and references are only given for the purposes of convenience to users.
  • By accessing those sites or using services or products from those companies, organizations or entities, you acknowledge that all the risks, damages and losses incurred shall entirely be your own responsibility.

Other terms

If at any time, any part of these Terms and Conditions is deemed invalid or inapplicable by court order or jurisdiction pursuant to relevant applicable laws, then that part of these Terms and Conditions shall be revoked. Otherwise the remaining sections or parts of the Terms and Conditions that are not affected shall continue to be effective.


This website, its contents and use are governed by the applicable local, State and Federal laws of the United States of America. For other users outside the United States jurisdiction, you may be subjected to other additional laws of the country you are based in. You have the responsibility of complying with such laws according to your jurisdiction.

In case a dispute arises with UGOCHRIST ENERGY regarding these Terms and Conditions or any other use of this site, the laws of the US jurisdiction shall be used to resolve such disputes.

Acceptance Statement

By using this site, you acknowledge that you have read all the terms and conditions contained in this document, understood and thus agree to be bound by them. If for any reason you are not in agreement with this statement, please leave this site immediately.

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