UGOCHRIST ENERGY is concerned about the choices you make regarding your energy needs. With more information, you have the power to make better informed decisions. That is why we created our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section to address some of your concerns or queries pertaining to your natural gas or electricity solutions.

We have tried to address as much questions as possible to ensure that you receive quick attention you deserve as our esteemed customer. However, if you feel that your question or query has not been addressed, or the answers given are unsatisfactory, kindly feel free to Contact Us. If your concern is addressed by many fellow customers, then we shall add it to our FAQs section so other customers can find answers faster.

Signing up for UGOCHRIST ENERGY services and products is very simple. Simply contact us then our energy consultants will provide guidance through the process of enrolment. We do not have hidden costs.

Additionally, we do not and will never charge our customers any enrolment fees. Equally, switching your plan is possible at no costs. We simply want you to feel the convenience and advantage of using our energy solutions, so extra charges are just a nuisance to a customer!

Deregulation of utility industry simply means that utility companies are mandated by law to allow consumers purchase their energy from any other supplier. Therefore, your utility company has the responsibility of transporting your purchased energy to your home or business premises.

Deregulation is a requirement by law which opened up the utility industry to competition thus giving the consumers the ability to choose their energy suppliers. Before deregulation came to be, utility companies were the sole suppliers of energy and consumers had to pay any rates they were charged. With deregulation in place, you can now choose your energy supplier who offers better prices that meet your needs best. Regardless of the energy supply company you choose, your utility company will continue to supply you with energy, billing as well as emergency services.

Absolutely! Dealing with a different supplier means your utility costs will be cheaper since you will be buying your energy at more reduced rates. The overall cost of buying energy from alternative suppliers and then paying utility companies to deliver it to your meter is substantially lower as compared to directly buying the energy from the utility companies at a “Retail rate”.

Your utility company will make the delivery of energy you have purchased from us via their own utility pipes and power lines. That simply means your energy supply will continue to be consistent and reliable just like you are accustomed to.

Your utility company will continue to send you the bill. You will equally send a single check to the utility company just like you are used to. Our job is simply to help you find a supplier with energy solutions that meet your budget and needs.

There will be no delivery risks associated with the consumer whatsoever.  UGOCHRIST ENERGY ensures that the energy suppliers we deal with are reliable energy suppliers in the market.  After we have assisted you choose a reputable supplier with the best rate, the transition process will take place seamlessly. The utility company will still hold all the maintenance of infrastructures including gas pipelines and electricity lines, reading meters and responding to the emergencies while your new supplier just makes the supply.

Not a chance! The switch takes place seamlessly, even consumers will not notice any changes, leave alone interruptions. We work with reputable suppliers across the country, so seamless energy delivery to your home is what you can expect.

Once the switch approval has been received by your utility company, the new supplier you found with us will start supplying your energy with immediate effect. Your next meter readings shall have the new supplier listed as your energy supplier.

Your new energy supply company will notify you via email once the switch is approved. Your utility company will then send you a confirmation letter.

No. Our energy suppliers charge a constant rate regardless of the time that power has been used. Do you feel that we have left out a certain issue? Or the answers provided are unsatisfactory? Let us know about it by contacting us right away. Our support team will review your query and give you a satisfactory response in the shortest time possible. Your energy concerns are our commands.

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