Energy Deregulation:

In 1980’s before deregulation, energy consumers had only one option of energy supply – their utility companies. Prices were regulated by the government and the idea of single source of distribution brought about monopoly in the energy supply industry. But with approval of deregulation, an open and free marketplace erupted. Customers had more offerings and had the power to choose their supplier. This has greatly affected the markets to the advantage of consumers as various suppliers come up with more competitive rates.

Energy deregulation has given the consumers the power to shop for energy, something that was never there. It offers consumers the ability to switch their natural gas or electricity supply from a supplier to another thus substantially reducing the amount of money spent on energy.

Energy deregulation by State:

Deregulation is effected on the basis of state by state. There are certain states in the country that have full deregulation of electricity and natural gas. Other states are deregulated for only a single service. While for others, deregulation has not been implemented yet.

How deregulation benefits you?

With the power to choose your preferred energy supplier, you get the power to compare rates of natural gas and electricity from various providers. This particularly brings more control over energy expenditure to consumers.

With deregulation, you can choose from various energy suppliers such as AMERI green ENERGY, ASTRAL ENERGY, CHAMPION Energy Services, Direct Energy, Green Mountain Energy and many more. A free and open energy market opens new innovations as well as efficiencies. It allows you to select a provider with the right product, service, support and rate that meets your needs, either for business or home.

Additionally, there are no worries of interruptions when a consumer makes a switch because the utility company in question will take care of everything.

Challenges brought about by deregulation

The only problem that energy deregulation has brought about is the misery of having to compare various offerings form different suppliers. It may be regrettable to know that you have been paying extortionate prices for your energy when actually another supplier has been providing better and more affordable rates to their consumers. Many consumers find trouble making price comparisons on their own. Some have no option but to stick to their suppliers charging them higher prices because they simply do not have the time to carry out price analysis and reviews on their own or lack the knowledge of market trends.

Solution To The Challenge

That is where UGOCHRIST ENERGY comes into play. As a brokerage firm with industry experience and skilled consultants, finding a more affordable supplier who meets your needs is made easier. We have the capacity to help you find a supplier with offerings that match your specific budget and needs.

When you choose to work with UGOCHRIST ENERGY, we will help you find a reputable energy supplier who will make the delivery right to your utility company.

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