Commercial setups virtually depend on electricity and gas to meet their clients’ needs. With highly dynamic energy prices, it’s almost unpredictable if you will keep a seamless products and services supply and maintain revenue growth. But with a trustworthy energy consultant by your side, all energy risks and uncertainties are covered. Let us help you reduce your energy costs and sustain your revenue growth.

Industries need to keep their processing plants among other machines running 24/7. Mobile emergencies and free standing power requirements are a necessity for continued business existence. We closely work with the contractors and end users in your industrial setup to directly ensure that power supply is seamless and provided at great rates to suit continued growth.

Electricity and natural gas are indispensable aspects of production. You need to maintain a seamless supply of products to your clients, regardless of energy challenges encountered. We can help you build a customized protection plan that suits your exact energy needs and give you an affordable power guarantee every time.

Hospitals are among the entities with the largest energy consumption. Virtually, everything runs on electricity, from life support machines, laboratories and equipment, heating, ventilations, laundry, computers the list is endless. They are always open 24/7 thus energy supply has to be seamless and highly affordable. We can help your medical facility slash down its energy expenses to make business solvent.

About 70 percent energy use for a typical school is attributed to heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting. Reduction of energy consumption in educational facilities is necessary through implementation of energy efficiency strategies and seeking customized protection plans that can secure energy cost reduction. We have customized energy plans for schools to save thousands of dollars on energy annually.

Religious facilities have irregular energy consumption patterns due to the fluctuating number of congregations each time. Due to these spikes, you are forced to pay premium rates for your energy consumption. But you can take control of what you pay by simply comparing plans with Ugochrist Energy.  We aim at building long lasting business relations thus be assured of better energy deals with us.

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