Business Electricity:

Choosing an electricity supplier for your business electricity needs can be taxing and time consuming. If running a small or medium sized business, you can possibly slash down your power expenditure by switching tariffs or providers. But unlike domestic energy, tariffs are customized and can have huge variations. So the idea behind finding the most suitable business electricity is shopping around.

In choosing the best business electricity offering, you have to consider your electricity consumption needs per month and the different offerings from various suppliers. The challenge will however set in when it comes to comparing plans.  However, with certified energy consultants by your side, you can seize the advantage brought about by energy deregulation and save more expenditure on electricity. That’s where UGOCHRIST ENERGY comes in. we have experienced energy consultants who can analyze your electricity needs and make comparisons from multiple offerings to find you a supplier that best matches your consumption needs and budget.

How much can you save?

With the help of energy consultants from our firm, your final savings on business electricity can be very huge with respect to your business’ size. By switching to another supplier, some business owners can slash up to thousands of dollars off their bills.

However, since quotes are often bespoke, it is impossible to give a precise bill cost for any business. But small and medium sized businesses can approximately spend about $7,000 on electricity per annum.

How can I compare prices from various providers?

Just as stated above, there’s no better way of comparing prices or getting unit rate breakdowns than using services of brokerage firms. When requesting for rate comparisons, you can request for a breakdown of the unit rates and standing charges (costs of power supply). Even though this is what most consumers would ask for, but UGOCHRIST ENBERGY will do more than that to ensure that your new supplier has offerings that much your needs conveniently.

What to watch out for

After signing a contract with your new supplier, there is no time to wait for things to cool off. Therefore, ensure that you are satisfied right from the moment you strike the deal. Always read the terms and conditions of the contract before committing yourself to it.

All business electricity requirements are provided on contractual basis. You are bound by the terms of the contract. You cannot make a switch when the contract is midway, though you can always cancel the contract any time without penalties when you relocate your business or decide to shut it down.

Most of the contract deals are auto-renewed after a period of time hence you are locked into a new contract. If that is the case, you will be granted a limited period of renewal, which can vary from a month or more depending on the supplier. If you wish to terminate the contract, ensure you are prepared to do so when you current contract expires. UGOCHRIST ENERGY will help you make the switch smoothly and successfully.

We make tariff and offer comparisons in the market to present you with comprehensive information about how to make a switch.

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