Business Electricity Procurement:

All types of businesses whether small or large depend on electricity to sustain their operations and production. However, business electricity can be very costly for your business without in-depth look at the energy suppliers in the market.

You can devise more effective ways of slashing down your consumption, which can go a long way to reducing your expenditure. But that alone is not enough. You need to be sure that the prices you are paying per kWh are the best in the market.

As such, testing the markets at renewal of contracts is often advisable since competitiveness of the suppliers tend to change a lot in the course of a year. There are and will always be new changes and price fluctuations in the near future. If proper analysis is not done before procurement, it can possibly lead to entering into a wrong contract.

If you are finding problems trying to determine the best business electricity contracts, professional energy consultants are always at your disposal. At UGOCHRIST ENERGY, we have an experienced team of energy consultants and professionals with years of industry experience ready to carry out the procurement process on your behalf.

What We Can Offer:

We are an independent energy brokerage company. That simply means we are not affiliated or tied to a single supplier only. We deeply research the markets to find the best business electricity contracts suited for your production needs and budget.

The process of procuring electricity for your business can be taxing and time consuming, but with our team by your side, everything will be taken care of, right from finding a supplier to signing and sealing the contract so you can focus more on growth.

We have industry expertise that allows us to deal with all legislations or technicalities that seem tricky to your business.

Our business electricity procurement process perform the following:

  • Through our experienced energy analysts and consultants, we will collect information and perform audits on your business electricity needs to facilitate the kickoff of your contract. .
  • With experienced energy consultants and specialists, we can prepare the tender documents and come up with pricing schedules that match your business budget and load profile.
  • Perform comprehensive analysis of your electricity contracts and create an auditable summary to facilitate the process of making decisions.
  • Work closely with the approved electricity provider in the process of sealing the contract and registration.
  • Manage the process of renewing your business electricity contracts on your behalf.

At UGOCHRIST ENERGY, seeing your business grow gives us the drive to forge ahead. Through our electricity procurement assistance to your business, you will achieve unsurpassed growth and savings. If you need more information on what we can do for your business, Contact Us today with your concerns and let us find you a lasting and lucrative solution.

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