Buying your gas and electric supply for your business can be a complex process. Comparing contracts and rates can be difficult. Many buyers are wary of the pit falls and just buy from their utility. This is a major financial mistake.

For smaller accounts, for those wary of locking, we can offer a floating rate, which once you sign up they guarantee to beat the utility. Additionally, they offer upon signing up, complete online access to your account in which you can compare your usage year to year, and the utility’s price for the current month. They also offer email updates and alerts of any significant changes in usage to your account, which makes it ideal for property owners who’d like to constantly monitor their buildings’ energy cost.

Although UGOCHRIST works to be able to get the best pricing we can for our clients through a traditional proposal we have found, for larger customers, that going the route of an auction offers them the opportunity to cause the suppliers to become more aggressive than they would normally.

The problem with the traditional method of purchasing is that prices for commodities change hourly. If we speak with you Monday, by Friday the cost may have adjusted. As a result the suppliers all pad their prices a little to be able to hold a price for 2, 3 or even 4 weeks while you consider their offer.

An auction eliminates this padding and allows them to offer you their best possible price. Additionally, because 30 or more companies participate in these real-time auctions they can see the where they need to be to beat their competition to win your business. Companies become emotionally involved in this direct auction in which all middle-men are cut out, and are all dealing with the same contract terms, yielding cut-throat prices for the customer.

UGOCHRIST schedules these auctions for days that our analysts and advisors suggest we will get the best price, and have rescheduled auctions if pricing is not where we would like.

IF you use 500,000 kWh per month or more you are eligible to enter the auction arena. If you use 1,000,000 kWh and an UGOCHRIST sponsored auction is able to save you only $0.002 per kWh, that equates to $24,000 a month in savings. Fractions of pennies make a huge difference.

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